Two free earthquake trainings

This month FEMA is offering several earthquake related, all day trainings in Portland, OR.

Reducing the Risks of Nonstructural Earthquake Damage

When: Sept 17, 8am – 3pm

Bookshelves, copiers, TVs and refrigerators tethered to the wall? No? These are the kinds of non-structural hazards that can cause great harm to you, your employees or family and account for a majority of damage in several recent U.S. earthquakes. In this two-part class, learn to identify and reduce these hazards, then learn how to train others in your office, neighborhood, church or favorite non-profit to do the same. Click here to register.

Seismic Rehabilitation for One & Two-family Wood Frame Homes

Own or manage a single-family wood-frame house or duplex? This course will introduce you to the common effects of a large earthquake on your home. You will learn ways to reduce damage caused by earthquakes and increase the chances your home will be safe to inhabit after “The Big One” hits. This class is open to anyone, professional or otherwise, who would like to learn how to prepare their home and property against earthquake damage. Click here to register.

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