Quake-up Call!

James Roddey, Director and Lead Consultant of ReadySetPrepare.org

What do ghost forests, Native American oral histories, tin foil helmets and the Mayan calendar have in common?

That’s the kind of crazy stuff disaster guru James Roddey will be talking about as he cajoles, browbeats and motivates you to get ready for any type of natural disaster Mother Nature can throw your way, including “The Big One!”

Roddey motivates his audiences with storyteller skills using first person narratives, jokes about stealing tsunami signs and hoarding wine and surfing elephants, and it all wrapped in a unique multimedia presentation that surprises his audience.

“We have to stop thinking a disaster will never happen to us, or if it does, somebody will be there to save us,” says Roddey. “In big disasters, like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or wildfires, you and your neighbors, even your community, could be on your own for much longer than you think.”

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