Two free earthquake trainings

This month FEMA is offering several earthquake related, all day trainings in Portland, OR.

Reducing the Risks of Nonstructural Earthquake Damage

When: Sept 17, 8am – 3pm

Bookshelves, copiers, TVs and refrigerators tethered to the wall? No? These are the kinds of non-structural hazards that can cause great harm to you, your employees or family and account for a majority of damage in several recent U.S. earthquakes. In this two-part class, learn to identify and reduce these hazards, then learn how to train others in your office, neighborhood, church or favorite non-profit to do the same. Click here to register.

Seismic Rehabilitation for One & Two-family Wood Frame Homes

Own or manage a single-family wood-frame house or duplex? This course will introduce you to the common effects of a large earthquake on your home. You will learn ways to reduce damage caused by earthquakes and increase the chances your home will be safe to inhabit after “The Big One” hits. This class is open to anyone, professional or otherwise, who would like to learn how to prepare their home and property against earthquake damage. Click here to register.

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2014 Regional Citizen Corps Training Expo – March 28th & 29th, 2014

Citizen Corps Expo 2014

Citizen Corps Expo Schedule 2014


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Whole Earth Summit

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple. – Bill Mollison

Join Geoff Lawton, Sepp Holzer, Brad Lancaster, Joel Salatin, Stacey Murphy, Janell Kapoor, Peter Bane and many others at the free online Whole Earth Summit, March 11-13, 2014. There will be 42 actionaries and visionaries envisioning a world that is regenerative, resilient  and reachable. Don’t miss this!    Go to:

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Slides from Reslience NW 2012 Presentations

Here are most of the slides from the presentations at our Resilience NW 2012 conference.

Business Preparedness and Continuity Planning

Long Term Recovery

Friday & Saturday Sessions

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Wilderness Survival Skills in a Collapsing Urban Environment

Steph Sharp

Damaged infrastructure left in the wake of disaster provides lots of opportunities for those creative enough to find them.  This course will highlight some of the backcountry and wilderness survival skills that can be used in a post-disaster urban environment.   This densely packed lecture will better prepare participants to secure elements critical to survival such as shelter, food, and water; and will also touch upon how to improve the effectiveness of basic first aid and tips for communicating with loved ones and rescuers.

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News release and updates

Resilience NW News Release (available for download)

Contact: Alice Busch – 971-563-3051


Portland, Oregon: ResilienceNW 2012, a partnership between Citizen Corps, Red Cross and FEMA, and funded through an Urban Area Securities Initiative Grant, is bringing more than 40 experts and 60 classes to Portland to share their knowledge, expertise, and experience in a regional conference. The $20 registration fee includes all conference days, networking events, and keynote lunches on Friday and Saturday.

OCTOBER 30TH to NOVEMBER 1ST – Sessions on Tuesday, October 30th through Thursday, November 1st are directed toward business owners and managers, and leaders in disaster preparedness with classes on basic business continuity and preparedness, and advanced medical response and long term recovery.

“This conference has been designed for the good old ‘boots on the ground’ person and people who want to know what preparedness is all about,” explains Alice Busch, conference planning team member. “One of my favorite aspects of this conference is the diversity of classes offered.  It makes it difficult to choose between them, but I am excited for the whole community involvement. I think this will be the best conference in the series.” 

NOVEMBER 2ND and 3RD – Friday and Saturday’s classes will engage the community at large, presenting the newest information on disaster response, pet and animal support, social media use during disasters, food security planning and disaster gardening solutions.

ResilienceNW 2012 will also offer opportunities to connect with regional and local citizen leaders in the disaster preparedness arena. Attendees are invited to join us on Friday, November 2nd from 5 PM to 8 PM in the Holiday Inn Atrium for the Networking Evening, with the Oregon Nurses Association, District 1,  sponsoring the refreshments. Preparedness vendors will be on hand and prizes will be given away every hour.

$20 registration fee includes all conference days, networking events, and keynote lunches on Friday and Saturday. Register early! The price will increase on October 19th and registration closes on October 26th.  Even with a capacity for 310, the conference is filling up quickly. Visit for session schedules, registration info, and more. 

Interested vendors: Visit and download a ‘Booth Request Form’.


E-mail: [email protected]



Sponsored by FEMA, The American Red Cross, Citizen Corps and Oregon Nurses Association, District 1.

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Download the flyer and share with your friends.

When it comes to protecting your business, you have as much responsibility to your employees and their families as you do for the bottom line. How you prepare in advance for emergencies and disasters determines whether you and your business survive or become one of the 40% of companies that never recover from a catastrophe.

Click here to register for the conference.

In this day long, two part workshop, you’ll learn the skills to get you on the road to weathering any type of emergency, from  a power outages, to a computer virus attack, equipment failure, theft, flooding, accidental damage or a big earthquake.

Morning session, 4 hours – Preparedness Planning for Your Business and Staff. The American Red Cross and

What do you do if an employee is having a heart attack? Who would respond to a life threatening injury to a visitor in your office? How will you communicate and reconnect with your staff after a disaster? Do your employees know what to do during and after an earthquake?

In this four hour workshop, we’ll introduce you to the part of business continuity you may be missing—Preparedness Planning for your business and staff.

1. Preparedness planning as part of a resilient and sustainable organization. Learn how to identify hazards, both natural and man-made where you work and live, and the impact a disaster could have on you, your business and your community. See how a few simple first steps in preparedness can have a huge impact on safety and team spirit, and in ways beyond he office you may not realize.

2. Business Case study: A hands on example of how disaster can affect a business. 

3. Ready Rating Self Assessment. The Ready Rating program from the America Red Cross is an easy to understand and realistic first step in helping a business prepare for and respond to a disaster and other workplace emergencies. You’ll learn how to use the program and then get hands guidance on to begin a review of your current preparedness level.

4. Emergency supplies in a disaster. In preparing for a disaster, a business should be equipped to provide basic necessities for all employees for a minimum of three days, including food, water, first aid, and sheltering supplies that may become essential in an emergency.  We’ll show you how to build and maintain an emergency kit, and how to customize it for specific disasters you might face in you area.

5. Creating your disaster personality. Learn how to manage the psychological and emotional stress caused by a crisis or emergency. We’ll do some group exercises that will help reinforce these concepts.

Afternoon session, 4 hours – Business Continuity Planning:  The Show Must Go On. April Lawless, Coordinated Consulting Services  and the Oregon Small Business Development Center.

In this 4 hour workshop, you’ll learn the basics of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and the benefits to your business.  Good BCPs will assist you in keeping the business running through disruptions including power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, supply chain problems, staff shortages and more.

 1. Business Impact Analysis Workshop. This workshop will give you the opportunity to identify the most critical functions and processes of your business through a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process.  This process assists a business in determining which parts of the business should be restored first during any interruption in service.

2. Key Components of a BCP. The presentation will outline the key components of an overall Business Continuity Plan including: Succession Planning, Alternate Locations, Redundant Communications, Notification Procedures, Technology Dependencies, and Vendors and Supply Chain Issues.

3. The legal and financial considerations of business continuity, from the Oregon Small Business Development Center. The legal issues involved in business contingency planning are some of the most misunderstood and confusing aspects of the entire process of creating a disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery planners are not expected to be lawyers. However, they are responsible for understanding the existing regulatory guidelines and the legal consequences of their company’s failure to implement an effective disaster recovery plan.

4. Services offered by the Oregon Small Business Development Center, Questions and discussion.

 Click here to register for the conference.



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Day Two and Three of Long Term Recovery Workshop



Presented by Oregon Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (ORVOAD)

Day two and three of this amazing three day Long Term Recovery Workshop (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Oct 30st to Nov 1st) has brought together some of the most experienced recovery work professionals from across the country.  The presentations will include the following:

  • Recovery Needs Assessments – World Renew (formerly known as Church Reformed World Relief Committee
  • Long Term Recovery Committee Development – Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
  • Case Management and Training -United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
  • Coordinated Assistance Network, CAN – American Red Cross
  • Fund Raising, Contributions and Fiduciary – A panel facilitated by the Episcopal Church and includes Lutheran Disaster Response, United Methodist / UMCOR and Catholic Charities
  • Skilled Labor:  building and repairs – Mennonite Disaster Services, World Renew, Church of the Brethren, Habitat for Humanity
  • Unskilled Labor:  Debris removal on private property, mucking out, chain saw work
  • Long Term Recovery Donations and warehousing – Adventist Community Services
  • The role of local government in Long Term Recovery, permits/ inspections/ land use
  • Mitigation in Recovery – Hazard Mitigation Office
  • Building Recovery Partnerships and Donations Management Lessons Learned – Lewis County Washington Emergency Management
  • The role of the business community in support of voluntary agency disaster relief
  • Community Organizations Active in Disasters
  • Presentation of National Disaster Recovery Framework and Emergency Support Function 14
  • A peek at the upcoming May 2013 Annual National VOAD Conference at the Portland Hilton

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Magnitude 9 Paradigm Shift – PNW Implications from the Tohoku Tsunami

Jay Wilson

This presentation highlights the catastrophic impacts from a M9.0 earthquake and tsunami to coastal areas of NE Japan. Discussion addresses the loss of emergency and other government functions and observations from the perspective of a local emergency manager from Oregon.

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Quake-up Call!

James Roddey, Director and Lead Consultant of

What do ghost forests, Native American oral histories, tin foil helmets and the Mayan calendar have in common?

That’s the kind of crazy stuff disaster guru James Roddey will be talking about as he cajoles, browbeats and motivates you to get ready for any type of natural disaster Mother Nature can throw your way, including “The Big One!”

Roddey motivates his audiences with storyteller skills using first person narratives, jokes about stealing tsunami signs and hoarding wine and surfing elephants, and it all wrapped in a unique multimedia presentation that surprises his audience.

“We have to stop thinking a disaster will never happen to us, or if it does, somebody will be there to save us,” says Roddey. “In big disasters, like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or wildfires, you and your neighbors, even your community, could be on your own for much longer than you think.”

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